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Big stores such as Walmart always think about welfare of their employees. Walmart is an international discount retailer which headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Its employees are known as ‘Associates’. The major benefit of being a Walmart’s employee is that it provides associate stock purchase plan to employees without paying normal brokerage fees.

sell walmart associate stock

The company allows making investment depending on the working period of employee. You can sell your portion of stocks only through the phone with the Walmart Participant Service Center. There are two ways to invest in Walmart stock.

You can go through a traditional broker or enroll in Walmart's direct stock purchase plan (DSPP). Here are given steps to sell associate shares.

Steps to Sell Walmart Associate Stock:

  1. Collect your employee ID number from store. You will need Walmart employee ID badge or a recent paycheck stub to sell stocks.
  2. Now, you have to call Walmart Participant Service Center at (800) 438-6278. You can sell your Walmart associate stock only by calling on given number.
  3. One representative will answer to help you. Tell him/ her that you wish to sell stock. Executive will verify your identity and employee ID number.
  4. Now, gather detail of current market value of Walmart stock before selling them.
  5. If you agree with market price of share, ask representative to sell your stock. Give your mailing address to him and then check your account for distribution of fund.
  6. Electronic transfers of fund takes only two working days for completing transaction. Transaction by mailing takes 7 to 10 working business days.

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  1. I wish I could simply sell my STOCK SHARE online and not be forced to use a telephone automated system!! Would be much easier and convenient to do so! Thank you much. Shane Luke