Sell Walmart Stuff on eBay and Make Money

How to Make Money on eBay Selling Walmart Items

Here we will discuss on selling Walmart clearance items on eBay. Local Walmart carries all kinds of items that are selling online. Still, you might have a question that then why should buy from eBay? The answer is; you will not find Walmart stores in every corner.

If you want any particular item without going to Walmart store, use eBay online purchasing system. Following are some items which are most sellable on the site:

1) Sports Fan Apparel and Accessories: You can sell football jerseys, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, and flags. If your local teams are going to play, you will be sure to increase your business and profit by selling fan apparel and accessories.

2) Electronics: You can sell the video games such as Wii or other latest video games systems. It is advisable to buy games before November (holiday season) so that you can take advantage of the price difference. Always update yourself with the market. Buy new games. You can surf on eBay Pulse for a hot category of video games.

3) Disney items: From last few years, Hannah Montana and High School Musical and Lizzie McGuire are prompting with tween generation. Keep in touch with them to find out for which items they are seeking for.

4) Toys: During November and December, toy sellers make a huge profit as their shops are unavailable as soon as it stocked. Buy toys such as hot Barbie items, Fisher Price toys, electronic learning toys, Leapfrog/Leapster systems and games, Harry Potter and the latest Lego sets.

5) Action figures: Watch for latest trend about popular heroes such as Batman, Star Wars Indiana Jones, etc. which are all time hit on eBay UK and eBay Europe.

6) Food: Though American junk food is not good for us, people of the world love to eat. In the UK, you can sell food items such as Oreos, M&Ms, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Tabasco Sauce, Hidden Valley Ranch powdered dressing mix, Kool-Aid powdered drink mix, barbecue sauces, Altoids mints, gum and Lucky charms.

7) Cosmetics: Cosmetics and skin protective items are the great source of income because these items are being discontinued constantly.

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Sell an Invention Idea or New Innovative Products to Wal-Mart

How to Sell Innovative Products or Idea to Wal-Mart

New innovative products for sale: If you have a product to sell and you think you have a gut to present your product for selling at Walmart, you have a chance to do so. Here we will discuss on how to sell innovative ideas with Walmart? The concept must be unique and innovative. Following steps ahead you to make your path bright.

How to Sell an Invention to Wal-Mart

Steps to Sell an Invention to Wal-Mart

  1. Bring your innovation with physical estimations. Calculate manufacturing cost in large quantities to compute estimated total cost of an item. Then, divide the total cost by the number of units you produce. You will get cost price of each unit. To set the wholesale selling price, double your cost price. 
  2. It is not enough to copyright your idea only. To protect your production/ idea from copyright, apply for a trademark or patent. If you are not aware what to do to protect intellectual property by patent or trademark, visit legal sites for it. 
  3. You need not pack your product as the company will pack them if it will buy your idea. You can also notice in Walmart store items packed in boxes, on backer cards, in plastic sleeves, blister packs or in any other way.
  4. You must present your item in a proper way- professionally by describing all features and benefits.
  5. Send a letter to 702, SW 8th Street, Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 and ask for an appointment at Wal-Mart's corporate office. You also call at the corporate headquarters on main number 1-800-925-6278. 
  6. Do not give invention details when you call to any person at Walmart. Your conversation with a person should be professional and short. Fix a meeting with the main manager to Bentonville. 
  7. At the meeting, present adequate presentation along with several samples of your invention and plan. 
  8. Decide in advance what type of compensation you want. Perhaps you choose to license your idea and receive regular royalty or you can sell your idea by giving up all claims to the product design.
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Opportunity for Be a Wal-Mart Contractor

How to Become a Walmart Contractor

Walmart contractor requirements/ registration: If you have substantial types of equipment and have developed some expertise, you might be able to become a contractor at Walmart. It will give you the opportunity to work part time or full time. A contractor is a person who supplies companies with necessary products or services but they are not permanent employees of Walmart.

How to Become a Walmart Contractor

The company contracts to provide non-supplier services of maintenance, recruiting, marketing and transportation. You can contact Walmart to get contract opportunity.

Steps to Be a Wal-Mart Contractor:

  1. Meet your regional Wal-Mart store manager ask about services. Generally, services such as maintenance are given for hiring. Stores need services like parking, landscaping, construction, material assembling, recycling, and maintenance. 
  2. If a store needs to hire your services, the store manager will directly contact you to bind up with the contract.
  3. You can also contact directly to Wal-Mart's central Recruiting Services department at 479-273-8385 and get information about contracts for recruiting and hiring services. You may also contact Marketing Services at 479-273-4111 for advertising contracts, outreach contracts, and other marketing services.
  4. If you are carrier service provider, you may mail at and ask for transportation services. A company will mail you back along with detailed career profile form. You have to fill it completely and send to provided address. 
  5. To get more details about contracts and services, visit Wal-Mart's online "Service or Non-Retail Supplier Questionnaire". A list of all mentioned and not mentioned services are given on it. 
  6. Send a mail or call on provided number and ask if they have requirements. The department will reply back with necessary details. It may want to arrange a meeting with you to evaluate your services and remuneration. 
  7. Get well prepared before appearing in front of the manager. Bring your presentation and present confidently along with achievements and benefits.
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Match Price at Walmart to Save the Money - Price Match Policy Canada

Match Price at Walmart to Save the Most Money

Price match Walmart online order one get one free: Everyone knows that Walmart gives an opportunity every day to save money on various items. Here we will discuss on how to price match at Walmart Canada? One of the deals is price matching, which means if any local store is offering a sale on items, Walmart will give the same price for an item if you ask to do so. You can take advantage of different discounts at one store at one time.

Price Match at Walmart

Procedure to Price Match at Walmart to Save the Most Money:

  1. First, make a list of best deal you want to purchase by collecting sale flyers. Note all items that you have to deal with.
  2. Gather details about Wal-Mart’s price matching policies offered by the store. Read conditions for price matching. You may come to know about "Buy One Get One Free" sales or percentage off. For example, all Dove products 40% off, buy one cold drink for $3 and get one free on it, etc.
  3. It should be noted that all stores have different policies. You would not find the same deal from another store. Ask all doubts to Customer Service.
  4. While going for shopping at Walmart, bring the sale flyers with you. Most of the stores will ask you to present them.
  5. Choose items from a store and bring them in a trolley to front bill counter. Generally, all cashiers are able to match prices. However, you can ask a supervisor for the best dealing price matching cashier. He can make your process easier.
  6. Keep aside products that cannot be price matched. Show cashier specified advertisements that you have to bring with you.
  7. Here, you can present your Walmart free coupons also. The store also accepts coupons to price matched items. You can save your grocery bill by paying up to 30% less. To get free coupons, please read "How to Get Free Groceries at Walmart with Coupons". You can also save up to 90% on bills by taking advantage of various offers by Walmart.
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Cancel a Walmart Money Card Account – Customer Service Number

walmart money card cancel

How to Walmart money card close account?

Walmart offers various payment options to their customers. It accepts cash, very simple option, or credit cards, gift cards, etc. Walmart money card is the same option for payment. It is a prepaid debit card issued by Green Dot Corp to make a purchase in stores, restaurants as you use credit cards. To Walmart money card cancel account, there are two ways – given below:

Cancellation of Walmart Money Card by a call

  1. To cancel Walmart Money Card, you have an option to cancel by phone. You can call at 877-937-4098 to Money Card customer service. Then, press number “4” from the keypad to contact customer support center.
  2. Provide details as per instructions received from the system. Generally, you will ask to type your Walmart Money Card number. After that, the call will be transfer to customer support agent.
  3. An agent will be there to help you. Let him know about you. Tell him that you want to cancel your transactions with Walmart Money Card account from now and you want to close the card.
  4. The agent will ask your personal information such as your birth date, address or your Social Security number to verify account holder. 
  5. He will insert your request to close the account. Once you confirm that your card is closed, throw or discard your card.

Close account by sending letter/ request

  1. Write a letter to Walmart manager requesting for closing your card. 
  2. The letter should contain your name, address, account number and telephone number along with a brief application. 
  3. It should be covered in envelope affix with the proper stamp and send it to Walmart Money Card's customer service address.
  4. They will call you to verify your request. A representative may ask your personal details like your birth date or your Social Security number for confirmation. 
  5. You may receive a letter informing you that your account is closed now. 
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Wire Transfer Money to Walmart - Monetary Transactions Services

Wire transfer to Walmart money card

To transfer money, you can send a money order, western union or checks to the person. However, sending a check is not safer as there is a chance for bouncing. Here we will discuss on Walmart to Walmart money transfer online. Walmart offers goods services as well as monetary transactions services. You can send money to people locally as well as internationally.

wire transfer money to walmart

Wal-Mart's Money Center or customer service desk functions as Moneygram to transfer money from one place to another within very less time. Here are few steps that you should keep in mind while wiring money.

Instructions and steps to Wire Money at Walmart:

  • Before wire money to anyone, confirm that you have required amount with your account. Generally, debit cards or cash are used for wire funds via Moneygram.
  • Keep in mind that transfer fee is applied to every transaction. Charges depend on where money is to send and how quickly is to be sent.
  • Go to any local Walmart store and visit Customer Service desk. Receive money transfer form from the clerk or front desk manager.
  • Fill the form carefully by writing your name, address and dollar amount along with the name of the person receiving the money. You can also write ten words message with form without any extra charges.
  • Give filled form and cash amount to the clerk. You may also present your debit card for processing. The clerk will ask either you want to transfer money in ten minutes or with delayed service. The quick transfer is costlier than delayed transfer. You can choose the way as per your convenience. A reference number and a receipt will be given to you.
  • Inform money receiver that you have wired money and approximate time in which he will receive money. Give him reference number which will use for picking up wired money.

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Use Wal-Mart Discount Card on Walmart.Com - Discount Coupon Code

Walmart associate discount card application

Walmart discount card customer service number: Wal-Mart is a multinational corporation with stores in all U.S. states and in 15 other countries. It becomes so popular within few years because of its low price and customer base built up services. Here we will discuss on how to apply for my Walmart employee discount card? The store charges less for its items and provides a wide range of items that anyone else in the retail industry.

walmart discount card policy

Walmart offers various benefits to its employees called as Walmart Benefits such as Employee Discount Cards, Medical Insurance, Retirement Plans, Shopping Discounts and Stock Option Plans as well as consumer benefits like Credit Card Facility, Gas Discount Card and Wal-Mart Discount Card.

By using these cards, buyers get a discount on purchasing items such as groceries, food, clothes and much more. You can get a discount on your purchase value if you have such types of discount cards. We have given below the procedure to Use Wal-Mart Discount Card.

Procedure to Use Wal-Mart Discount Card on Walmart.Com

  1. There are mainly two ways to use Walmart Discount Card. You can either discount it at the local store by presenting it physically or by online.
  2. You can directly go to nearest local Walmart store and discounted your card after buying products. You should present your discount card at the front counter to get the benefit.
  3. To use the card online, go to the official website
  4. A page will open with many options including a search box. Enter “Associate” word in the search box which will carry you to the Walmart Associates page.
  5. Fill details on the page such as your Associate ID Number (Social Security number) and your Associate Card Number into the appropriate boxes.
  6. Now click on “Continue” button. You will be associated with If you purchase any specific item during such session, it will be automatically discounted by 10 percent.

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